How to measure your room is fit for you | 4 Ways to Measure a Room

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When it comes to setting up your new office or adding a new room or storage to your office, it’s important to think about how the furniture will fit in your space not just from a physical standpoint, but functionality-wise.

Desk to Wall Space

When you’re looking to upgrade your desk, an often overlooked item is making sure that your desk to wall space is up to code. Make sure that you give yourself at least 36″ of the room from your desk to the wall where your entry path is so that it is up to code.

Guest Seating

If you’re looking to add guest chairs or replace existing guest chairs, it’s important to keep in mind the space between your desk and the office wall (or wherever your guest seating will be). The average guest chair takes up about 30″ x 30″ of space, so you’ll want to keep at least 42″ of space minimum available from the wall to your desk. You can go a little tighter, to about 36″ if you have a bow front desk that has some extra space underneath it for your guests’ legs, but keeps in mind it’ll be a tight fit.

Your Workspace

Another often overlooked aspect of fitting furniture functionally in your space is the amount of active space you have when sitting at your desk. Meaning, the space you have to move around in your chair while your legs are under your desk. If you were looking for a pedestal desk, keep in mind that the pedestal takes up leg space. On average, the pedestal will take up at least 18″ of space. Additionally, if you have a left or right return attached to the main desk, this takes up the room as well. The typical return is about 24″ on average. Keeping these two important things in mind when selecting your desk will save you a lot of headaches later on.


Are you looking to add filing cabinet drawers to your desk? Something to keep in mind when selecting this for your desk is that the cabinet itself takes up to 21″ of space under your desk and about 21″ of space when drawers are completely pulled out. If you are looking to access your drawers often and prefer the comfortability to sit in your chair while doing so, this is an essential thing to think about.

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